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What I cannot create, I do not understand
- Richard Feynman

Ambessa creates DIY educational kits designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and confidence.

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  • Intentionally designed

    Co-created by children & educational experts.

  • Sparking creativity

    Magical hands-on STEM learning.

  • Igniting collaboration

    Building together for all ages above 8, in all settings.

  • Easy to tinker

    Easy to follow instructions included.

  • Engineering confidence

    A journey of building and achievement.

  • Classroom companion

    Reinforcing STEM theory through sensory and visual play.

Trusted by Young Creators, Parents & Teachers

  • “The packaging was beautiful. The instructions were very clear. My 7 year old had no trouble putting it together. He was really fascinated by the capacitor and how it worked.”

  • “I think this is a lovely and fun project. I bought this for myself as a fully grown adult who loves flashlights and DIY electronics.”

  • “I gave it to my 14-year old grandson, who found it easy to assemble, and loved the product.”

  • “Thank you, it is an amazing project. My students love it!”