A student (one of our engineers for the day!) building a DIY flashlight.

Design Museum Workshop

We ran a free DIY workshop at the Design Museum!
Children across a table, learning how to build a flashlight.
Children across a table, mindmapping.
For the morning session, students were invited to test our latest prototype of the DIY flashlight. They learnt about each component and built their own light. Students also co-created their own proposals for packaging and materials.
STEM workshop in a classroom at the museum. Children drawing their own spaces.
For the afternoon, we partnered with Space Black Studios, who design cities and spaces centring people of colour to run workshops on building your own spaces. Our engineers design skate parks and models - inspired by @serpentineuk in Hyde park.
Space black studios running a STEM workshop (children are sat around a table designing their own houses with pens/paper/card).
Students were awarded reusable water bottles and eco-friendly pencil cases. 
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Photo of giftbags.
Huge thank you to the Design Museum, Space Black, Sally, Chloe and Sam.  
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