Lost Einsteins

Lost Einsteins

Imagine the number of challenges we could overcome if every child in the world had access to a quality education.

Think of all the untapped human brainpower in the world.

Any child could go onto cure cancer or take us to Mars. Think of any global issue: world hunger, disease, poverty, lack of clean sanitation - or even ageing..

It is not lack of drive or potential but lack of opportunity that is impacting millions of children globally.

Nesta's Opportunity Lost Report

  • 15% of UK scientists are from a working-class background (despite making up 35% of the population)
  • 7% of people who applied for patents in the last 15 years were women
  • Invention schemes reach less than 1.5% of the UK's school population

The Lost Einsteins Study

  • Children with parents in the top 1% of earnings are 10x more likely to become inventors than those in the bottom 50%
  • In the US, innovation could quadruple if the potential of under-represented groups were even considered

Where Ambessa Play can help?

Our mission aligns with Nesta and AlphaPlus' mapping and the following is included in our impact metrics

Changing perceptions about who can be an inventor

(how you think)

When your child builds our kits, they become a creator vs consumer.

 Helping children get practical experience of inventing

(what you do)

Our kits offer hands-on specific learning versus digital overload.

Building their skills and knowledge relating to invention

(what you know)

Each kit will come with a useful manual and tips via our upcoming newsletter

Helping children to meet inventors

(who you know)

In our upcoming workshops and kits, children will learn about brilliant inventors and diverse STEAM leaders.


We'll keep coming back to this post as a reminder of our mission. No more Lost Einsteins. 

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