New Podcast Series 'I Owe It All To'

New Podcast Series 'I Owe It All To'

We've launched a podcast!!

Our trailer is up now but we'll post a transcript of each episode onto our blog. 

If you're interested in talking to us about childhood development / STEM education, please let us know :)

Trailer transcript:

Hi and welcome to the Ambessa Play podcast ‘I owe it all to’ where we speak to wonderful people in STEM and education, learning more about their journey and covering everything from childhood influences, motivations - as well as imaging what the future of education could look like.

I'm Sara the founder of Ambessa Play and we’re designing STEM toy kits uplifting the next generation of creators. We listen to parents and know that many are concerned about screen time and how to provide educational STEM learning opportunities that are also fun - so we are building kits that encourage children to create with their hands, and learn through play. We also believe that every child deserves equal learning opportunities and so for every kit purchased, a displaced child out of school receives one for free. 

Whilst our kits are in development, I wanted to talk more to some amazing people and ask questions about their journey to STEM. We have some amazing guests lined up so this is very exciting. 

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Thank you for listening and if you have any questions, please feel free send us a message on Instagram or hello @ ambessa 

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