Our Mission

Our Mission

Using this first blog post as a diary entry outlining our vision statement. 

Our goal in its simplest form: to enhance science self-efficacy. We want to diversify the STEM pipeline and research indicates that early STEM childhood experiences can help achieve this. 

Lack of learning opportunities is impacting millions of children worldwide and whilst the edtech market is abundant in the US and many parts of Europe, we want to provide learning opportunities for every child. When you buy our kits, we provide a free kit for a refugee child out of school. 

We wrote these stats below and have pinned this to our wall. It motivated us every day to tackle these issues: 

  1. Just under 4 million refugee children lack access to formal schooling (UNHCR, 2018) 
  2. Children from parents in the top 1% of income distribution are 10x more likely to register a patent than children from below-median income parents (Chetty et al., 2017) 
  3. 15% of scientists come from working-class backgrounds (UK Gov, 2017)

We're particularly passionate about STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) because 1) future-facing and 2) we love science. 

We dream a future where more children tear apart their technologies, play, tinker and more importantly, build. We want to help encourage a future generations of  creators and leaders in STEM fields. 

Upcoming work

This Christmas 2020, we plan to launch our Out of This World solar system pack for 5+ year olds. Stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter! 

Next year, we will launch a solar-light DIY kit (think Ikea, for education). For every kit you buy, another child out of school receives one so you are ultimately diversifying the STEM pipeline - inspiring more kids into STEM.




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