UN SDG Goals Panel (Ambessa Play on SDGs)

UN SDG Goals Panel (Ambessa Play on SDGs)

UN Sustainable Development Goals 

We were invited to talk about UN Sustainable Development Goals at the new Design District London. 

The panel, titled ‘The SDGs and Me’ discussed how creative businesses can support the UN sustainable development goals. 

We spoke about how important quality education is to us at Ambessa Play, and the need for both optimism and participatory approaches when addressing UN sustainable development goals. 

We had the pleasure of joining Bea Sennewald (Director of Projects at Article 25) on the panel, hosted by Bethan Ryder (Executive Editorial Director at WGSN). 

Our 5 main takeaways:

  1. Building sustainable, inclusive, equitable societies = means you need inclusive teams. 
  2. What are you tackling? Are these actual problems?
  3. Participatory approaches to problem solving - You may not know enough about the SDG and waste your time, efforts. Invite others or support specialist CICs, charities working on this effectively =  ‘by us for us’ models. In short, talk to people facing the actual problems
  4. Be optimistic – team needs space to play and think of alternatives - move from panic to a place of optimism / caring deeply about the worlds you all want to live in
  5. You can't "tackle" them all alone and this is shouldn't be boring voluntary CSR