What is the 'keychain syndrome'?

What is the 'keychain syndrome'?

Keychain syndrome is a reference to children learning how to 3-D print a keychain in maker culture.

Tan & Calabrese-Barton, 2018 argue kids should avoid makerspaces which are 'trivial' and instead recommend that kids engage in social justice orientated STEM endeavours, in order to become 'agentic makers'.

Troxler (2014) suggests four interpretations of makerspaces:

  1. 'New renaissance reconciling liberal arts with science and engineering in a contemporary and playful way',
  2. 'Bourgeois pass-time',
  3. 'Innovation in education on technology'
  4. 'New industrial revolution'.

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We love this quote from Albert Einstein that ‘Love is a better master of duty’ and we believe children should be encouraged to follow their curiosity, whatever it may be.