About Us

Better for your child, better for every child

We create toy kits and workshops for children (aged 3-15) globally. We want children to build the worlds they want to live in through our STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) toy kits and innovation workshops.

For every kit or workshop purchased, a displaced child receives one for free.

When you shop with us, you diversify the STEM pipeline for the child you love, and another child who may not have the same opportunities.

Ok I want to help...

Thank you! It's as simple as: you buy, we donate. Sign up to our email to hear first when we launch our DIY toy kits. 

What does 'Ambessa' mean?

Ambessa/Anbessa means 'lion' in Eritrean and Ethiopian languages and you would say 'Ambessa!' to a child as congratulations or well done. It can mean brave, strong, powerful. 

Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions just email hello@ambessaplay.com.