Our Story


We create toy kits and workshops for children (aged 3-15) globally. We want children to build the worlds they want to live in through our STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) toy kits and innovation workshops.

For every kit or workshop purchased, a disadvantaged child with low STEM capital receives one for free.

When you shop with us, you diversify the STEM pipeline for the child you love, and another child who may not have the same opportunities.

Why do this?

Think of all the untapped human brainpower in the world. The number of challenges we could overcome if every person in the world had access to a quality education.  

 Ideally every child would have access to the internet, a great leveller in knowledge inequality, however many children remain unconnected and still out of school (3.7 million refugee children are currently out of school according to UNESCO).

The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbates this but we're optimistic. In response to this, we're running out STEAM kits and problem-focused workshops.

Firstly, we'll be launching our DIY flashlight kit, which teaches children how kinetic energy can be used to light a room. We aim to continue building more products such as a DIY walkie talkie.

Ok I want to help...

Thank you! It's as simple as: you buy, we donate. Sign up to our email to hear first. 

For every kit you purchase, we'll donate one. For every class a child or group enrol in, not only will we run the same session for displaced child in remote regions.

What does 'Ambessa' mean?

Good question! Ambessa/Anbessa means 'lion' in Eritrean and Ethiopian languages and you would say 'Ambessa!' to a child as congratulations or well done. It can mean brave, strong, powerful. 

Who runs this?

 Sara (click here for an outline vision of the future)

I took this photo above in my parent's village in Besikdira, Eritrea in East Africa.

Any one of these children could go onto cure cancer or take us to Mars. It is not lack of drive or potential but lack of opportunity that is impacting millions of children globally. We're starting with the UK, and then expanding internationally. 

Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions just email hello@ambessaplay. com.