The Ideal Investor


*Not the above*

We're currently in a few meetings with potential angel investors and realising we need some sort of investor quality check list to remind ourselves, in the face of needing funding, to be selective.

Here are the three qualities that matter most to us.

1. You’re wildly optimistic (about Good Business): We’re keen on partnering with someone who understands there is a growing market of people who care about products that are great and functional but don't cause unnecessary harm. Better for your kid, better for every kid.

A track record of investing, supporting or mentoring education or social enterprises would be ideal on our cap table. 

2. You’re down for the long-haul: Our kits will reach every child’s bedroom. We’re building a company that will exist so long as there are a) displaced children out of school b) children! We want a long-term partner, who isn’t distracted by an immediate exit. We're not opposed to this at all but our work isn't done until we reach millions of refugee children. 

3. You don’t take yourself too seriously: We're holding out for an investor who would be down to meet for a picnic or at a museum. Of course, we're serious about the work we’re doing, but ideally you love what you do and it doesn't have to be this formal corporatey dance. 

We hope in 10 years we’ll look back on this proud that we took the thought (and risk) to consider who we want to invest in Ambessa Play. If this sounds like you, let’s meet.