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Thank you so much for supporting our Kickstarter project. We are excited to share that we have shipped our Kickstarter orders (for completed survey responses) and we’re working with 7 charities across 11 countries to distribute our donated kits.  

Our DIY flashlight is made up of 60 individual components. Beyond providing an essential need, we hope it is also a journey of achievement and building for children globally. For parents who envision more for their children — a world beyond rote learning, where creativity and tinkering is valued, we are with you. Summarised best by Yeats “Education is not the filling of a pail, it is the lighting of a fire”.

Every child deserves this magic of hands-on discovery and the triumphant 'aha' moment. It is also our belief, and we hope yours, that creativity and curiosity should have no borders. Now thousands of displaced children out of school can learn through play. 

Whatever 2023 has been for you, I hope you feel some pride that because of you, at least one more child has access to light and has built their first circuit.

We also want to hear everything about how you and/or your child found the kit. Please reach out to us and share what you loved or hated and anything in between. I know we have much much to learn and even as we ship these kits there are things we’re noticing we could improve. 

We’re only just beginning - kids have asked for walkie talkies and radios. Thank you so much for bringing this project to life and we hope you stick around. 

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year <3  

With appreciation:

A. Satam, Adél Schofield, Amira C, André Cândido, Andrew & Jennie Westoby, Aurelia Kare, Basheer Tome, Ben Callicott, Benjamin Jager, Bernd Kilga, Bethany Koby, Bárbara Panszi, Brendan Lee, CelineG, Chris Oklota, Christian Rudolph (co:dify), Christopher Michael, CindermonBun, Clare Streets, Collins Mbugua, Connor Ray, Daniel Kusch, Davy McGeorge!, Deez, Dina Johnson, Dobrin, Donald Meyer, Donna Hadfield, Ember A, Emil Marklund, Ewan & Henry Francis, Felix G., Frankie H, Gabriel Huguet, Gadgethound Design, Geoffrey Stevens, Hannah Fay, HarrHarr, Harry Mitchell, Hristo Petrov, Ian Roderer, Isla Cantell, Jade Coulter, James Dimagiba, Jenni Leder, Johnny Vulkan, Jordan Theyel, Josh E., Josh Halickman, Jude Pullen, Julie Turner, Kristof Hayes, Laura Eggewoman, Laura Granados, Laurens Vanderhoven, Lea Berni, Lenka Hahn, Lola Oyeleye, Louise M Woodcock, Luxia, Lydia Appel, Mathilda Della Torre, Matteo F, Maxwell Boateng, Maya Cara :-), Mentho1ite (J), Michael Davies, Mikael Edström, Nath Lawes, Nick Rochowski, Nicole Amaning, Nicolò Taddei, Nova, P. Vitale, Philip Miller aka How You Can Make It, Rafaela Leung, Raakoon, Rhys Archer, Robert Lau, Ryan Kiley, Sabrina & Karen Skilling, Sally Hill, s.hill/wm.brown usa, Sean Crooks, Simon, Simon Böhm, Soner @ MakersCAFE, Teacher Vicki, TG, The Bard of Tysoe, The Bernas Family, The Cueva family, Thomas Bartels, Valentina Quintero Rodriguez, Victoria Love, Yovanvi, Yan S., and Yovanvi.