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65% of children in primary schools will go onto pursue jobs that do not yet exist according to the World Economic Forum. 

We provide science, technology, engineering and mathematics workshops for students aged 8-18. We're interested in demystifying and diversifying STEM so for every workshop, we provide the same STEM workshops to displaced children out of school. 

100% of funding also goes to our research & development working on our DIY toy kits designed for children in remote regions. 

A workshop we ran at the Design Museum London in 2021.

What we do? 

We provide STEM workshops either online or in-person. We can offer 1:1 classes, 1:6 classes, or public workshops, as well as special occasions. 

We're DBS certified and measure students' science self-efficacy before and after workshops to improve our workshops. 

    How can I get involved?

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